Septra Muscle Pain

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Listed below are some very important items to remember for the year 2015.

Please keep this checklist handy during the year for your quick review.

  1. If your insurance policy restricts your homecare options or ignores state mandates (again, if you have a self-insured plan) please notify the HANJ office immediately. The association can work with you.

  2. When-US choosing a new insurance plan through, remember to review your options and choose the best policy for your needs. Deadline to en-USroll is February 15, 2015.

  3. NOTIFY YOUR HTC AND HOMECARE COMPANY OF ANY INSURANCE CHANGES!! Also, for those on HANJ's insurance assistance program, please call the office with any changes that may occur such as moving, new phone number, obtaining full time employmen-USt, becoming eligible for Medicaid/Medicare, en-USding in COBRA, or anything that will change your status or contact information.

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