In April 2017, the Hemophilia Association of New Jersey held their first PAC council meeting.

The Pharmaceutical Advisory Council also known as “PAC” is a subcommittee of the Hemophilia Association of New Jersey, which was developed in an effort to support the needs of the bleeding disorder community. The association saw a need for seasoned professionals to come together for a meeting of the minds. The council consists of prominent leaders from eminent manufacturers in the field of hemophilia treatment products as well as other products developed to maintain the well-being of persons with Hemophilia and related bleeding disorders. The council meets a few times a year to discuss issues directly impacting the quality of life for the Hemophilia community; including current products and their impact on our association and the community. The results of our collective board will serve to inform HANJ and will be utilized to implement the necessary programs of service and advocacy to provide optimal care and support to patients with Hemophilia and their loved ones.