The services and programs HANJ offers its members are the life's blood of our organization. HANJ has a long history of innovative programs and legislative accomplishments.

Our Insurance Grant has provided this community with continued access to high quality care and treatment regimens.

The Hemophilia Homecare Standards mandate insurance companies to maintain comprehensive service from experienced vendors that have a proven track record in hemophilia expertise.

HANJ's Campership Program provides transportation to Paul Newman's medically supervised camps in Connecticut or New York.

The Scholarship Program is a unique award for persons with a bleeding disorder. The monies are awarded based upon need and/or academic commitment. Unlike most Scholarships, the monies are sent directly to the eligible scholarship recipient.

The Women's Committee was one of the first standing committees in the country that is devoted to women in the community - those with a bleeding disorder and those living with a child or spouse who has a bleeding disorder.

The PACT Programs have allowed HANJ to reach out to chapters and associations across the country to share ideas, learn new strategies and focus upon much needed advocacy programs for State issues and insurance access.

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